This chapter features Battler's sister Ange and her life twelve years after the murders on Rokkenjima. The story constantly shifts focus between 1986 (the time of the murders) and 1998 (Ange's time period), shedding more background information on the characters and light on the methods behind the murders. This chapter heavily implies the existence of magic and puts all of the theories Battler formulates against Beatrice thus far to the test.

Chapters Edit

Chapter Name Date Day Time
The New Guest
Ange and Maria
The Future 12 Years Later
Red Truth, Blue Truth
Ange's Recollection
Mariage Sorciere
Lure Towards Illusions
My World
To the Island of the Witch
Ushiromiya Kinzo
The Sweet World of Witches
My Mission
Final Family Conference
The Next Head
Cause of Tragedy
Journey's End Point
Ushiromiya Ange

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