Unlike the first two chapters, this chapter features the residents attempting to solve the riddle of Beatrice's epitaph rather than determine the true identity of the murderer. Eva succeeds in this task, but is shown to continue carrying out the murders as the new "Beatrice". Meanwhile, in the meta-world, Beatrice is assisted by her demon servants, while Battler finds a mysterious new ally of his own. This chapter sheds more light on Eva and Beatrice's pasts, and is the first to feature one of the island's residents surviving the murders.

Chapters Edit

Chapter Name Date Day Time
Days as a Girl Sat, Oct 4 1986
My Preparation are Complete Sat, Oct 4 1986 2:00PM
The Witch's Written Challenge Sat, Oct 4 1986 8:00PM
Possibility of a 19th Person Sat, Oct 4 1986 9:00PM
Rosa and the Witch of the Forest
The Beginning of the Ceremony Sun, Oct 5 1986 0:00
Madam Beatrice Sun, Oct 5 1986 12:21AM
Virgilia Sun, Oct 5 1986 6:00AM
Skirmish Sun, Oct 5 1986 7:00AM
The Key to the Golden Land Sun, Oct 5 1986 9:00AM
Coronation Sun, Oct 5 1986 10:00AM
The New Witch Sun, Oct 5 1986 10:30AM
Warning of Sacrifices Sun, Oct 5 1986 11:00AM
Battle to the Death in the Hall Sun, Oct 5 1986 1:00PM
The Definition of a Witch Sun, Oct 5 1986 1:30PM
Real Magic Sun, Oct 5 1986 5:44PM
The Witch's Courtroom Sun, Oct 5 1986 6:03PM
The Witch's Illusion Sun, Oct 5 1986

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