"I, have had enough of Beatrice. I want to know who I am. I want to start out as a new human, not Beatrice. So I want you to take me from here. I don't need tea anymore. I don't need this dress. I won't meet with Kinzo again. Please take me from here. Rosa."
— Beatrice asking Rosa to take her away

Beatrice Ushiromiya (右代宮 ベアトリーチェ Ushiromiya Beatorīche?), also known as Kuwadorian-Beatrice, is the daughter of Kinzo Ushiromiya and Beatrice Castiglioni.



Shortly after Beatrice was born, her mother died. Raised in secret by Chiyo Kumasawa at Kuwadorian, where her mother once resided, Beatrice lived a sheltered life. To prevent others from discovering Kuwadorian, rumours were spread about a witch that allegedly lived in the nearby forest, though many suspected that Kinzo's mistress was hidden in the area, due to the supplies sent there.

Because Beatrice grew into the exact image of her mother, Kinzo, consumed with grief, believed his daughter was a reincarnation of his lover and named her after her mother. She became subject to his sexual advances and a child was conceived, as a result of the incestuous union, who would be recognized as Sayo Yasuda, or in the world of Requiem of the Golden Witch, as Lion Ushiromiya.

Beatrice remained in Kuwadorian until Rosa found the mansion and decided to show her the outside world. While exploring the island, Beatrice fell from a rocky cliff and died. The news of her death was covered up by Genji and other trusted servants.

In her honor, Kinzo ordered a painting of her to be placed in the main Rokkenjima mansion. She eventually became the basis of the legend of the Golden Witch, whom Sayo uses as the basis for creating the Beatrice persona.


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