Chiyo Kumasawa (熊沢 チヨ Kumasawa Chiyo?) is an elderly woman who works part-time and has much experience. She knows how to get things done, and her skills as a servant are by no means small, but since she loves gossip and is quite talkative, she doesn't receive much appraisal.


Role in the Games

Legend of the Golden Witch


Was found in the parlour, with an ice-pick type murder weapon piercing her calf, and furthermore, her face destroyed.

At the eighth twilight, gouge the leg and kill.

Turn of the Golden Witch


At the servants room, she died by having her throat cut by something like a sharp blade.

The finishing touches are yet to come.


The missing corpse was later found at the courtyard. This time, she had an ice-pick type murder weapon thrust into her ankle.With this, the eighth twilight is finished.

Banquet of the Golden Witch


Her corpse was found in the guest room on the second floor. The weapon is assumed to be a gun or spear-shaped object.

This seldom-used second floor guest room was her secret napping room.

Alliance of the Golden Witch


Her body was found in the rose garden storehouse. It is hypothesized that after being shot in the forehead, she was hung by her neck.As long as a closed room murder could be constructed, nothing else mattered.

End of the Golden Witch

Alive by the time of game suspension

Dawn of the Golden Witch

Alive by the time of game suspension

Requiem of the Golden Witch


She was murdered in the Guest House by Kyrie along with the other servants and Maria.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

Her status depends on the decisions being made and the answers being given.

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