A new perspective on the mystery of the Golden Witch is presented in this chapter, with the witches Bernkastel and Lambdadelta playing a more prominent role. The main characters of this story are Kinzo, Natsuhi, and a new character, Erika, who approaches the murders from a "mystery" perspective, unlike Battler who had taken an "anti-fantasy" stance. This time the game is suspended before its conclusion, so the fate of most people on the island is unknown.


The game begins showing the unconscious state Beatrice had fallen into after the end of the previous game: she had lost her interest and hopes of winning and so was transformed into a living doll. This intention of hers to quit the game would have brought her to die immediately if Lambdadelta hadn't taken interest in her game and, in order to continue to have fun with Bernkastel, she chained Beatrice to the game so that she could become the new "Game Master" and play the witch part. Lambda and Bernkastel then obligated Battler to play with them in this new episode called "End of the Golden Witch". Bernkastel, in order to win, created a piece: Erika Furudo, her double and counterpart and the detective of the game. And so the game starts and eventually reaches the first twilight.

In the mean time though Battler had been missing from the game, letting Bernkastel take his place, to assist and try to understand Beato and showing great care for her. In this time he torments himself to understand the reason why Beato would act the way she did and is highly confused by his true feelings for her. Virgilia would help him all the way on this path towards the truth. But eventually Battler understood that the best thing to do would be going back to the game and take back the chess board from the two witches. When Battler reaches Bernkastel and Lambdadelta he learns that the game was already at its denouement and Erika had found the culprit. But in order to make him understand what happened the witches rewound the story and allowed him to watch it unfold from the beginning.

Chapter SummaryEdit

On Rokkenjima, it is shown that Kinzo had actually died two years before the main story took place but, to save her family from an economical collapse, Natsuhi pretended that Kinzo was still alive and obligated the servants and Dr. Nanjo to keep up the act when the family reunion rolled around. Fearful of her position, Natsuhi created an illusion of Kinzo and Beatrice (whom she would become close friend to). The first family reunion passed by and the relatives (although noticing something odd) left still beliving in Kinzo's existence. But at the arrival of the family in 1986 Natsuhi understands the danger of the situation and has to find a way to save Kinzo's illusion from the anti-magic toxin. Meanwhile, an uninvited Erika arrives on the Island. She had fallen from her boat and thanks to her life jacket she was able to swim all the way to Rockenjima. She is welcomed as a family guest and immidiately shows her incredable well mannered posture, her vast culture, her genius mind and her love for chopsticks. Seeing Erika's love for riddles and mysteries, the family let her see the Witch's epitaph.

Battler and Erika later met and solved the riddle, finding the Golden Land. Erika left all the gold and the position of the head to Battler, taking the mere fact that she was able to solve its mystery as her reward. Meanwhile, Natsuhi is in Kinzo's study talking with Beato, Gaap, Virgilia and Ronove on what to do when Eva calls her and tells her that Battler has found the gold. Natsuhi comes out of the study without letting Eva in and they both rush to the appointed place with all the other siblings and their spouses. They discover the gold and a big discussion starts on the right of Battler to become the new head of the family. Battler is irritated and does not actually care for this position but Kyrie, Rudolf, Eva, Hideyoshi and Rosa all agree that he should be the successor, much to Natsuhi's and Krauss' disappointment. The discussion continues in the main house for several hours (Erika in the mean time had left to the guest house since she couldn't take part to the reunion) and after a break Rosa goes to the guest house to check on Maria. Krauss goes to rest for a while and Natsuhi does the same. Kanon and Shannon arrive to serve tea and are invited by the family to sit down and chat a while.

After some time they hear a strange knock on the door but nobody answers at the "come in...". Rudolf checks the door but nobody's there, just a letter on the floor. The envelope and the wax mark are Kinzo's, they open the letter and read its content: it was a letter of congratulations and blessing from Beatrice to Battler for finding the gold. In the letter, there was also the ring of the family head. When Krauss comes back, the discussion takes on for a while and then they decide that it's late and eventually suspend it for the day. When Battler goes back to the guest house he finds Erika, Nanjo and Gohda chatting and having a drink happily. They say good night to each other and they all go to sleep.

When Natsuhi enters the room, she recives an anonymous phone call from a man who claims to be the son she denied and murdered from 19 years ago. He says to be on the island and to be interested to take part to the annual family conference as part of the Ushiromiya family as well. But first revenge, he wants to play with Natsuhi and makes her play a game of hide and seek. Natsuhi has to accept since this man has taken Krauss as hostage, so she agrees the day after to hide in the closet of a certain guest room for an hour.

It is seen that talking on the other side of the phone is Lambdadelta who was mistaking her voice for the one of the man.

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