Games episodesEdit

In 4-episode batches from:

They are all titled in the form of a noun followed by "of the Golden Witch". Collectively the numbering and ordering is:

  1. Legend of the Golden Witch
  2. Turn of the Golden Witch
  3. Banquet of the Golden Witch
  4. Alliance of the Golden Witch
  5. End of the Golden Witch (Chiru start)
  6. Dawn of the Golden Witch
  7. Requiem of the Golden Witch
  8. Twilight of the Golden Witch (Chiru end)

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Tsubasa and Umineko no Naku Koro ni Hane do not have listed episodes

Anime episodesEdit

Grouped into batches based on the first 4 episodes of the game. The arcs became progressively longer, with Legend having 5, Turn having 6, Banquet having 7 and Alliance having 8, for a total of 26.

  1. Opening (Legend start)
  2. Fist Move
  3. Dubious Move
  4. Blunder
  5. Fool's Mate (Legend end)
  6. Middle Game (Turn start)
  7. Early Queen Move
  8. Weak Square
  9. Skewer
  10. Accept
  11. Back Rank Mate (Turn end)
  12. Castling (Banquet start)
  13. Gambit
  14. Positional Play
  15. Isolated Pawn
  16. Queening Square
  17. Promotion
  18. Swindles (Banquet end)
  19. End Game (Alliance start)
  20. Zugzwang
  21. Prophylaxis
  22. Problem Child
  23. Breakthrough
  24. Adjourn
  25. Forced Move
  26. Sacrifice (Alliance end)

The Chiru episodes were not adapted into any anime arcs. They would be:

  1. End
  2. Dawn
  3. Requiem
  4. Twilight

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