The term Furniture (家具 Kagu?) describes a variety of servants created by those with magical abilities. They are often used as butlers or maids, and often have hidden combat abilities to double as bodyguards for their masters.


The term is used to refer to any beings who are less than human and was most likely created by Yasu. The descriptive term is rooted in Yasu's idea of being a lesser being to ordinary humans, equivalent to the Furniture people use to help themselves. This is probably the reason that all forms of Furniture are servants.

In Requiem of the Golden Witch, it is suggested that from a real world perspective, Furnitures were drawn by Yasu in some sort of drawing book (which could be Maria's grimoire), which explains how a drawing of Sakutarou was found in Maria's grimore during Alliance of the Golden Witch.

In Answer to the Golden Witch, Ryukishi07 revealed that Shannon (and likely Kanon) sarcastically calls herself furniture because of her body being unable to love.


The Furniture are listed under the person with whom they were first seen.

Beatrice's FurnitureEdit

7 sisters

The Seven Stakes of Purgatory

EVA-Beatrice's FurnitureEdit


The Chiester Sisters

Lady Maria's FurnitureEdit

Kinzo Ushiromiya's FurnitureEdit

Erika Furudo's FurnitureEdit

Eiserne Jungfrau1

The Eiserne Jungfrau


  • Zepar
  • Furfur                      


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