The Guest House (ゲストハウス Gesuto Hausu?), also known as Toraian (渡来庵?), where the arriving guests stay was completed during 1984. If you enter the Rose Garden it's the first building you see, not the mansion. It takes a few minutes to reach it from the mansion.

It is mentioned it is a failed investment Krauss made in order to turn Rokkenjima into a resort.

In the story the survivors often retreat there. Murders only occur in later episodes.

It has 2 stories and the doors of the house can be locked from the inside.
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Layout Edit

Each floor has guest rooms. The first floor has all service rooms.

First Floor Edit

Lobby and Entrance

In the lobby it's possible to see people who entered the guest house by the entrance. The stairs to the second floor is located here, too.

Servants' room

The room where the servants can look their shift plan and rest/sleeping here.


An rustical chamber with a bar for the guests.


It holds a small but a wide collection of books.

Guest Rooms

Some of the guest rooms are on first floor. It seems the parents take these.

Second Floor Edit

It contains a single corridor with several rooms for guests.

One is refered as the cousins' room where Battler, Jessica, George and usually Maria and Rosa stay at night. Nanjo has one chamber to sleep here. Other guests get one room on this floor.


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