Land of the Golden Witch is said to be Beatrice's masterpiece, one of the many stories she wrote and sealed in a bottle in the style of Agatha Christie. This story is quoted for the first time in Twilight of the Golden Witch as Battler, Ange and Beatrice speak. Beatrice said that she couldn't wait until Battler came back to Rokkenjima to make him read her manuscripts, so she thought to write down as many stories she could think of and send them in the sea hoping that they somehow could reach him.

Ryukishi07, the creator of the story, said that Land of the Golden Witch was supposed to be the third episode of the saga and it should have been in the place of Banquet of the Golden Witch. However, the story was probably too difficult for the readers, so after the complaints that Turn of the Golden Witch was too difficult already, Land was scrapped, although its fundamental parts were used in chapters 4 to 6.