This episode introduces the player to the main setting of Umineko no Naku Koro ni as the Ushiromiya family gather on the island of Rokkenjima for their annual family conference. The player is familiarized with the island's 18 residents (consisting of the Ushiromiya family and servants) as well as the legend of the Golden Witch, Beatrice, who is implied to exist on the island as a 19th resident and murder the other residents in mysterious ways. The story is narrated mainly by Battler and presents the series' first "bad end", with all the residents either killed or labeled as "missing".


Chapter Name Date Day Time
Arrival at Niijima Airport Sat, Oct 4 1986 8:00AM
Arrival at Rokkenjima Sat, Oct 4 1986 10:30AM
Guesthouse Sat, Oct 4 1986 12:00PM
Dining Room Sat, Oct 4 1986 1:30PM
Epitaph on the Portrait Sat, Oct 4 1986 1:30PM
Sandy Beach Sat, Oct 4 1986 3:00PM
Letter and Umbrella Sat, Oct 4 1986 6:00PM
Legend of the Gold Sat, Oct 4 1986 10:00PM
Night of the Storm Sat, Oct 4 1986 -------
The Six chosen by the Key Sun, Oct 5 1986 6:00AM
Curtain-rise on Tragedy Sun, Oct 5 1986 8:45AM
Occult Sun, Oct 5 1986 1:00PM
The Two Who Are Close Sun, Oct 5 1986 7:00PM
Boiler Room Sun, Oct 5 1986 -------
Besieged Sun, Oct 5 1986 8:00PM
The Golden Witch Sun, Oct 5 1986 11:30PM
Notebook Fragment in a Wine Bottle

Prologue and OpeningEdit

Location Time & Date Character Apearances (orange) and Main Events
Kinzo's study unknown

Nanjo, Kinzo, Genji

  • Kinzo and Nanjo have a conversation about Kinzo's health

BGM: 薔薇 [Rose] (conversation), Umineko/ver.A

Arrival at Niijima AirportEdit

Location Time & Date Character Apearances (orange) and Main Events
Chofu Airport (happens before the chapter begins) Sat, Oct 4 1986
early morning

Battler, Rudolf, Kyrie, George, Eva, Hideyoshi, Maria, Rosa, Kawabata

  • (Order of appearance of the main characters: Battler, George, Hideyoshi, Eva, Kyrie, Rudolf, Maria and Rosa. (order of arrival of the family and how they came is unknown but Rosa and her daughter came as the last by train.)
  • Conversation between each family
  • Ange, the daughter of Rudolf and Kyrie, was left at Kyrie's family because of illness
  • After going through the metal detector, the eight people go aboard the New Tokyo Aviation's flight 201, flying by pilot Kawabata.
  • The plane takes off to Niijima Airport.
Niijima Airport/ Niijima Harbour ~8:00AM

Battler, Rudolf, Kyrie, George, Eva, Hideyoshi, Maria, Rosa, Jessica, Kumasawa, Captain Kawabata

  • The group arrives at Niijima Airport and ride taxis to Niijima's harbour. Arrival is probably before or after 10:00AM.
  • After Jessica and Kumasaw greeted, Rosa gives Kumasawa a tea present. All boat towards Rokkenjima by a modded high-speed boat. The captain is Captain Kawabata (Rosa tells him to slow down as Battler can't handle the speed).
  • Kumasawa asks Battler about his home.
  • Maria noticed that the shrine of the tutelary god and the torii is gone.
  • Kumasawa tells about a old tale of the island, but Jessica interupts her.

roses pattern effect


  • Chofu Airport scene: 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (character introduction), HANE [Feathers] (arriving of Rosa and Maria, airplane boarding), Ride on (airplane scene, second title)
  • Chapter "Arrival at Niijima Airport": 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (tied with Battler), Towering_cloud_in_summer (reunion with Jessica), sea (Kuwasama appears), HANE [Feathers] (on the high-speed boat), sea (slowed down boat), 暗闇の刻 [Hour of Darkness] (Maria notices the shrine is gone), Towering_cloud_in_summer (the island is near)

Arrival at RokkenjimaEdit

Location Time & Date Character Apearances (orange) and Main Events
Arrival on Rokkenjima - Rose garden 10:30AM~

Battler, Rudolf, Kyrie, George, Eva, Hideyoshi, Maria, Rosa, Jessica, Kumasawa, Captain Kawabata, Gohda, Kanon

  • Gohda welcomes the guests, the captain departs. Battler sees him for the first time.
  • Battler notices that he doesn't hear the cries of the seagulls.
  • After conservation, the group is directed by Gohda to the Guesthouse.
  • Maria finds a wilting rose in the garden. George puts a mark on this rose.George proposes Maria to give it a name, but how the rose has been named is unknown.
  • Hideyoshi finds Kanon. After his introduction, he lost bags from the wheelbarrow and George and Battler help to clean up.
  • After the group have entered the guesthouse Kanon speaks in monologue.
Arrival in the Guesthouse - Cousins' room

Battler, Rudolf, Kyrie, George, Eva, Hideyoshi, Maria, Rosa, Jessica, Gohda

  • After placing their luggage in the rooms Godha had assigned, the parents are about to go to the Mansion (in accompany of Gohda and Kumasawa). Before that, George rushes to Kumasawa and asks her something.
  • The four cousins stay behind in the cousins' room.
Mansion - Dining Hall

Rudolf, Kyrie, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rosa, Natsuhi, Shannon

  • Natsuhi greets the 5 other adults.
  • Rosa gives Natsuhi an tea present against the headache she has. Natsuhi says it will be saved for later.
  • Tea is brought by Shannon, Kyrie asks what brand of tea is it.
  • Eva's picks on Shannon because she doesn't know the brand.
  • Shannon leaves the hall.
Mansion - corridor ~11:15AM

Shannon, Kanon, Genji, Kumasawa

  • Outside the dining room Kanon takes care of Shannon (explanation why the tea was delayed).
  • Genji orders Shannon back to the kitchen.
  • Kumasawa, watching the scene from the shadows, pities Shannon and Kanon.
11:15AM → 12:00PM broking mirror effect

BGM: Novelette (picked up by Gohda), hope (rose garden), 白い影 [White Shadow] (Battler helps Kanon), Novelette (brought over to the Guesthouse), てくてく [Steady Pace] (Dining Hall, corridor)


Location Time & Date Character Apearances (orange) and Main Events
Guesthouse - Cousins' room 12:00PM~

Battler, George, Maria, Jessica, Shannon

  • The cousins have a conversation, Shannon comes to call for dinner.
  • Battler recognises Shannon.
  • After talking the 5 head to the mansion
Mansion - Entrance Hall

Battler, George, Maria, Jessica, Shannon, Genji

  • The cousins are guided by Shannon to the Entrance Hall.
  • They see Shannon off and Battler meets Genji again.
  • Battler stops at the Portrait and the Epitaph. The story of the Portrait and the witch is revealed.
  • Then the group go to the Dining Hall.
Mansion - Dining Hall ~12:20PM

Battler, George, Maria, Jessica, Rudolf, Kyrie, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rosa, Natsuhi

  • When Battler arrives the family but Krauss and Kinzo already gathered here.
  • The seating order is revealed by Battler.
  • Battler and Natsuhi meets again.
  • Everyone is waiting for Krauss (and Kinzo and Nanjo).
in front of Kinzo's study

Kinzo, Krauss, Nanjo, Genji

  • In the hallway Krauss (with Nanjo and Genji) call Kinzo to come down. But Kinzo yells him away and both Krauss and Nanjo leave.
  • Genji is in the study and talk with Kinzo. He serves him liquor.
Dining Hall ~12:30PM

Battler, George, Maria, Jessica, Rudolf, Kyrie, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rosa, Krauss, Natsuhi, Nanjo, Gohda

  • Kinzo and Nanjo arrive. They about the mood and Kinzo.
  • Lunch starts.
12:30PM → 13:30P broking mirror effect

BGM: 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (Shannon's introduction), 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Genji's introduction), 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (witch's portrait), 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (seats' order), 薔薇 [Rose] (Kinzo's study), てくてく [Steady Pace] (Lunch starts)

Dining Room Edit

Location Time & Date Character Apearances (orange) and Main Events
Dining Hall - after lunch 13:30PM~ Battler, George, Maria, Jessica, Rudolf, Kyrie, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rosa, Krauss, Natsuhi, Nanjo, Gohda, Shannon, Kumasawa
  • Battler tells about the background of Kinzo's history.
  • Shannon cannot describe the dessert sauce which Godha made, so Kumasawa help her with her mackerel jokes.
  • Lunch ends.
Mansion - corridor Shannon, Kumasawa
  • Shannon thanks Kumasawa.
  • Kumasawa reports a shift change and Shannon gets the afternoon shift.
  • Shannon receives cookies from Kumasawa
Mansion - parlor, corridor after lunch Battler, George, Maria, Jessica, Rudolf, Kyrie, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rosa, Krauss, Natsuhi, Nanjo, Kumasawa Genji
  • Teatime in the parlor, the cousins leave.
  • The adults talk about the heritage and Kinzo's health.
  • Eva insults Krauss and Natsuhi, Krauss sends the shocked Natsuhi outside.
  • The crying Natsuhi avoids Kumasawa on her way to her bed room. Kumasawa explains the relationship between Natsuhi and Eva.
14:30PM → 13:30PM splitting mirror effect

BGM: 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (Krauss' and Nanjo's introduction), 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (about Kinzo's history), Novelette (dinner and talking witch Gohda), 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (in the parlor), 隣死 [At Death's Door] (adults talk about the heritage), てくてく [Steady Pace] (Krauss order Natsuhi to leave, she cries)

Epitaph on the Portrait Edit

Location Time & Date Character Apearances (orange) and Main Events
Mansion - Entrance Hall 13:30PM~ Battler, George, Maria, Jessica, Shannon
  • The cousins talk about the legend of the witch of the portrait, Beatrice.
  • Shannon brings cookies and 5 people head to the beach.
Mansion - parlor 14:00PM~ Rudolf, Kyrie, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rosa, Krauss (Kanon?)
  • Without Natsuhi, the adults discuss about Kinzo's inheritage, the gold and Krauss' business.
  • All but Krauss believe the gold exists, however they don't believe the story of the witch.
  • They claim that Krauss was embezzling money and found the gold, Krauss denies it. They demand conditions from him:
  1. Krauss has to admit he found the gold.
  2. Regarding the gold, each sibling get his/her share (5 billion yen per person)
  3. The one who holds the title of the successor of the Ushiromiya family gets 50% of the gold, the rest will be split wqually between the siblings.
  4. The gold is included in the inheritance when Kinzo died. 10% of the portion will be paid immediately to Rudolf, Eva and Rosa as a deposit before March 1987.
  5. This decision has higher priority over Kinzo's will.
  6. If Krauss 'really' found the gold, he can monopolise it.
  7. (from Krauss) If an other sibling finds the gold, it will promptly handed to Krauss.
  • The deal is concluded but Krauss says he has no money to statisfy condition 4.
  • Then he exposes the bad financial situations of the others. He suggests to discuss the epitaph to find the gold.
Kinzo's study
Kinzo, Kanon
  • Kanon reports the conversation between the siblings to Kinzo. Kinzo says he should attempt solving the riddle, too. Kanon refuses and leaves.

Genji and Nanjo

Mansion - in front of the portrait

Genji, Nanjo
  • Nanjo was leaving the parlor and meets Genji. They talk about the insciption.
  • Nanjo tried to solve the puzzle.
14:00PM→15:00PM roses pattern effect

BGM: hope (Entrance Hall), 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (cousins in front of the portrait), 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Shannon comes), 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (sibling's discussion),  薔薇 [Rose] (Nanjo and Genji)

Sandy Beach Edit

Location Time & Date Character Apearances (orange) and Main Events
cousins and Shannon
Beach 15:00PM

Battler, George, Maria, Jessica, Shannon

  • The cousins and Shannon try solving the riddle of the portrait together.
  • After Battler and Jessica made fun of the witch, Maria gets angry. Shannon calms her down with a ghost story about Beatrice which is passed down amongst the servants.
  • Maria gives Battler and Jessica scorpion charms.
  • It starts dribbling.
  • Shannon returns back to work.
  • The cousins head back to the guesthouse.
Rose garden evening Battler, George, Maria, Jessica, Rosa
  • The 4 are in the garden and Maria starts to search searching for the rose George marked.
  • They don't find it and Maria throws a tantrum.

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