Manon (眞音 Manon?) is one of the orphans from the Fukuin House who worked in the Ushiromiya household. She arrived at Rokkenjima when Yasu already became Shannon.




She has long brown hair, fair skin and big gray eyes. Her clothes are the same as those of the female Ushiromiya servants.


Little is shown of her but out of all the servants who are shown she appears to be the kindest as she is friends with Jessica and Shannon and banters with them a lot. 

Role in the Story

Requiem of the Golden Witch

She, along with various characters, were questioned by Zepar and Furfur as witnesses to describe what Yasu was like before becoming a witch. She has no idea who Yasu is, since she arrived in Rokkenjima when Yasu already became Shannon. Manon is shown to be great friends with Jessica and Shannon and they gather in Jessica's room whenever Natsuhi is not around. She was not present in the final Ushiromiya Family conference and it's unknown if she has resigned like the others or she wasn't scheduled to work during that time.

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