The forgeries of Rokkenjima are stories based off the Rokkenjima Mass Murder Incident and the message bottles that drifted to shore awhile after said incident. They are written by many different authors and it is shown that thousands exist though very few of those are shown in the actual story. In the story we are shown some of Sayo's original message bottles along with forgeries written by Tohya and Ikuko. In Umineko no Naku Koro ni Hane we are shown Forgery no.XXX that was written by an unknown author. The manga also shows that Sayo wrote a lot more message bottles then we are shown but a majority of them were never found. Because the authors didn't go through or don't remember the events of Rokkenjima the message bottles and forgeries are completely different than the true events and even have a few different culprits.

The manga reveals more about Sayo's forgeries and that she wrote them as plans for her suicide and also as ideas for the parallel worlds. Sayo has three major rules she followed when writing the stories.

  • Rule X: The accomplice is different every time.
    The adults are all in financial trouble.
    It is easy to bribe them.
  • Rule Y: Lies agreed on by everyone can be depicted as actually happening.
    In a locked room situation anything goes.
  • People who observe the golden butterflies are either accomplices or dead.
    Those who were not bribed can only see the golden butterflies in the timespace of 30 minutes before their death. 
  • Rule Z: Somebody, please stop me! Sayo ultimately wishes for Battler to stop her as the culprit, and that she will stop the crimes if the epitaph is solved. If the solver happens to be Battler she promises that she will devote the rest of her life to loving him and only him.

Known stories and their authors are as follows (bolded are the ones that appear in the main story):


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