Tohya Hachijo (八城 十八 Hachijō Tōya?) is the mystery novelist who fabricated stories about the Rokkenjima murders and the human form of Featherine Augustus Aurora.

Hachijo is a murder-mystery author, whose books are based on the bottle messages that Maria Ushiromiya wrote. Based on the Legend of the Golden Witch and Turn of the Golden Witch, she has written such stories as Banquet, Alliance and End of the Golden Witch and gained popularity because of people's belief to her story.


Role in the Games

Dawn of the Golden Witch

She has finished the manuscript of Dawn and asked Ange to read it. Ange herself too, remembered that when she was on the investigation of her family's mysterious death, she was going to investigate her. The funny thing about her is that when Amakusa misinterpreted her as a man because she brought a man to be her poser.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

She decides to help and join Bernkastel in a giant party to open the secrets of Rokkenjima to the entire world after discovering Eva's Diary which contains the absolute truth of Rokkenjima. In the end she however cancels her plans and decides to leave the story a mystery forever.


  • The name of Hachijo Tohya (八城 十八), contains two wordplays.
    • An alternate reading for the kanji in the name Hachijo (八城) is "yashiro". Coupled with the honorific "o-" prefix, this becomes "Oyashiro", the more commonly-known name for Hanyuu Furude from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.
    • The name Tohya (十八) is composed of numerical kanji, numbering 18. Breaking down the name "Oyashiro" into syllables (o-ya-shi-ro), each syllable is one possible reading for the numbers 0, 8, 4, and 6. Adding these numbers together results in a sum of 18.

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