Chick Beatrice (雛ベアトリーチェ Hina Beatorīche?) and Beato the Elder (姉ベアト Ane Beato?) are the parts of Beatrice that are created after the death of Beatrice in End of the Golden Witch. Both of them represent a different part of Beatrice; Chick Beatrice is what Beatrice was originally like while Beato the Elder embodies the aspects of the Golden Witch, whose original legend was based off the stories told by Chiyo Kumasawa and the other servants of the mansion.


Chick Beatrice

Chick Beatrice was a piece created by the original Beatrice, with the express purpose of loving Battler. When the original Beatrice perished, Battler attempted to 'revive' her by allowing her to interact with the gameboard.

However, the piece version of herself only had her body and not her memories, thus giving her a drastically different personality. While the normal Beatrice is rude and condescending, this Beatrice is sweet and kind. She regards Battler as her "Father" because he brought her out and she is eager to please him, though Battler rebuffs her because she does not act like the original Beatrice.

It is revealed that this is what Beatrice really was like 1000 years ago before she went through all her trauma. This trauma is actually Battler's sin and her living "1000" years is actually symbolism for how long the six years she spent waiting for him felt. This sin is what had turned Beatrice into the cruel person she is now.

Although Beato the Elder is hurt by spider webs, this Beatrice isn't affected by them. She is, however, affected by mirrors, as shown when she tries to murder Natsuhi. This is due to Beato the Elder being a combination of the old ghost rumors and the story of Beatrice, while Chick Beatrice is only based off the story of Beatrice.

Beato the Elder

Beato the Elder is the original Beatrice and also the Ghost of Rokkenjima that is always spoken about. She loves to play pranks on the servants, and thinks that these are just a small taste of real magic. Beato the Elder serves as an older sister to Chick Beatrice and tries to teach her magic while the two try to find a way to combine again. She is based off the old stories of Rokkenjima, told by Kumasawa. Though she is a 1000-year old Beatrice, she has no idea who Battler is due to her being based off the witch and not Yasu.

To further distinguish the two Beatrices, Chick Beatrice usually wears Beatrice's black dress and wears her hair up while Beato the Elder dresses in Beatrice's human form with a blazer and red skirt while wearing her hair loose.

Role in the Story

Dawn of the Golden Witch

When Battler tries to revive Beatrice in the 6th game as the new Game Master, his attempts are successful, and he can only revive the piece version of her that the original Beatrice had created. However, her soul/memories have been reset to "zero." Her personality is completely different than the former Beatrice. She speaks politely and refers to Battler as “Honorable Father”. This Beatrice wishes to help Battler with the game, so she goes onto the island and speaks to the portrait of her previous self.

The Witch of Rokkenjima appears, and seems to be the same as the Beatrice that appeared in Turn of the Golden Witch, but with long hair; and she can only be seen by the new Beatrice. The revived Beatrice asks the Witch of Rokkenjima to teach her about the original Beatrice, and the latter complies. The Witch of Rokkenjima has no memories of the games spent in the Meta-World, and only knows Battler Ushiromiya as a relative who had thrown away his last name for six years and returned.

Later, it is revealed that the Witch of Rokkenjima can be affected by spider webs, while the new Beatrice cannot; and the latter can be affected by Natsuhi’s mirror, when the former cannot. Beatrice confesses several times in this arc that she loves Battler and was created for his sake. She also wants Battler to love her back. She even took the love trial given to her by Zepar and Furfur, where she decided to kill Natsuhi as the sacrifice for the first twilight. She was overwhelmed by Natsuhi's mirror but later Battler helped her. Chick Beatrice first appears very early on in the story at the beginning of Battler and Erika Furudo's game, emerging out of her room and quickly being collected and hidden by Battler. He explains that he is trying to revive Beatrice again, but has failed each time. Chick Beatrice begins to feel neglected for not being able to be who her "father" wants. She goes off to find out how to be who he wants. She meets Beato the Elder who agrees to teach her to be a real witch.

The two try to find ways to become one and fail until eventually Chick Beatrice joins Zepar and Furfur's challenges. She joins in during the First Twilight and attempts to murder Natsuhi, where it is revealed mirrors hurt her. She is eventually saved by Battler and finishes the murder. However, after Battler is trapped in his Logic Error, Chick Beatrice is disqualified due to not having a partner anymore.

During the final trial, she watches alongside the others, questioning why everyone's loves cannot be true. After Shannon's victory in the duel Chick Beatrice begins to fade and disappear as Beato the Elder tries to get her to hang on and not to go away. As she fades she begins to recover Shannon's memories of Battler and why she was born to love Battler. Afterwards, she meets with Kanon who also faded after being defeated in the love duel. Kanon tells her that he will save Battler and reminds her of what a witch really is which is the final push she needed to fully recover the memories of the previous Beatrice and become one with Beato the Elder. She then goes and crashes Erika and Battler's wedding. She challenges Erika Furudo to a duel on the Logic Error. Beatrice is able to defeat Erika in the first battle after declaring in red that Kanon doesn't exist in the closed room, even though Kanon was stated in red to have saved Battler. In the end, Erika challenges Battler and Beatrice one final time, and is shot down by the two of them together.

Afterwards, the two are married and celebrate their wedding in the Golden Land along with everyone.