Short Story SummariesEdit

Story 1 Letter of BernkastelEdit

Story 2 The Witches' Tanabata Isn't SweetEdit

Story 3 Game Master BattlerEdit

Story 4 Jessica's Mother's Day PresentEdit

Story 5 Jessica and the Love CharmEdit

Story 6 Memoirs of the ΛΔEdit

Story 7 Notes from a Certain ChefEdit

Story 8 Labor Thanksgiving Day GiftsEdit

Story 9 The Seven Sisters' ValentineEdit

Story 10 Beatrice's White DayEdit

Story 11 Cornelia the New PriestEdit

Story 12 Whose Tea Party?Edit

Story 13 Valentine PaperEdit

Story 14 To Mount Purgatory, SakutaroEdit

Story 15 Arigato For 556Edit

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