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  • MangaGamer had announced during Anime Expo 2015 that it'll release a Steam version of Umineko-When They Cry. This version will feature an updated English translation of Witch Hunt, new sprites and the full original soundtrack. MangaGamer's 7th Expansion site can be found here.

UPDATE: The release date was setted on July 08. Please visit MangaGamer's site or its steam page.

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The daughter of Rudolf and and his current wife, Kyrie, Ange is Battler Ushiromiya's younger sister. She couldn't come to Rokkenjima due to sickness. After the incident on Rokkenjima, Ange is placed under the care of her last living relative Eva Ushiromiya. She attends St. Lucia's Academy and is hated by Eva. In the world of 1998, she inherits the family headship and becomes the final Beatrice, Ange-Beatrice. She seeks to uncover the truth behind the events of Rokkenjima, even at the cost of her life.

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