"The truly terrifying thing is the hell into which falls the unsleeping ghosts who cannot win yet cannot die."
— Zepar and Furfur

Zepar (ゼパル Zeparu?) is the sixteenth highest-ranking earl of Hell.

Zepar and Furfur are twin siblings who are demons of love. Despite having the appearance of a girl with long, light-blue hair and a darkly-colored dress, Zepar is suggested to be male due to using a masculine speech pattern, and the fact that Zepar is of the opposite gender of the equally feminine Furfur.

The duo appear together when summoned by those who seek romance, and has the power to seduce humans. Zepar can also grant unlimited defensive power and even brief immortality to those who contract them.



Just like Furfur, Zepar is very dramatic and over-zealous in every move made, talking with the airs of an actor on stage. In contrast, Furfur is Zepar's counterpart and is never seen upset or crying. Unlike Furfur, Zepar seems to have a slightly more masculine attitude.

Role in the Story

Dawn of the Golden Witch

Zepar and Furfur are first seen when Shannon and George challenge Kanon and Jessica for the love gold butterfly brooch, which can grant love to one of the two couples. The twins then call for Beatrice, the original owner of the brooch, to supervise the challenge.

Noticing that there are two Beatrices, the twins calls out some jokes about it and then allow "chick Beatrice" to take part at the challenge to win Battler's heart. The first part of the love trial is solved with Beatrice's victory and the two demons let happily Battler join to the challenge by Beatrice's side. After the trial is over, Zepar and Fufur give the brooch to the winning couple and bless their young love.

After that, they take part to Battler and Erika's marriage, blackmailing Erika to tell the whole world about her cowardice if she refused Beatrice's love duel. At the end they celebrate the wedding of Battler and Beatrice.

In this game, Zepar and Furfur's main use is to pick which personality of Beatrice's is most worthy of love.

Requiem of the Golden Witch

In Requiem, Zepar and Furfur are two actors on the stage of the show presented by Clair Vaux Bernardus. They mainly comment on what Clair has shown and interview one by one all the characters of the story. Previously hinted in Dawn, it is confirmed by Will that Furfur and Zepar were added to the previous game and to Requiem to enlarge the mystery about Beatrice's gender, so in a way the two demons are also connected to Beatrice.

Ougon Musou Kyoku

Zepar and twin sibling Furfur also appear in Ougon Musou Kyoku as the speakers, they introduce every match, and they guide the player through the main menu. They can be seen also in the opening video.


  • The ranking of the earls of hell is taken from an medieval European Grimoire called Ars Goetia.
  • Because Zepar is thought of being the male of the twins, but having the appearance of a female, Zepar is often called "the trap" by Umineko fans.
  • It is heavily implied that Furfur and Zepar knew the answer to the witch's epitaph and to Battler's logic error problem all along thanks to their power of love.
  • Zepar's voice is very deep and masculine, which may prove that Zepar is the male of the two.
  • It also may be possible that Zepar's masculinity may be to distract from Furfur being a male.
  • Zepar is based on the Great Duke of Hell who brings men and women together in love.
  • Zepar is the only character whose sprite faces the right instead of the left. This is so Zepar and Furfur can face each other. Battler's sprite also faces right but only in the PS3 version.
  • Zepar's ambiguously male nature may be a nod to the fact that some sources state the demon Zepar is based on would seduce male conjurers with pederasty.
  • According to the TIPS, they (Zepar and Furfur) are of opposite sex, and are both attracted to guys.


  • "Love does not envy, it does not boast!"
  • "People live for the sake of love! Yes, this world is love itself!"
  • "Once is enough for the miracle of love! After all, eternal love will never be needed a second time!"
  • Fufur: "Hey, there are two Beatos!"
    Zepar: "Well, there are two of us as well!"
  • Zepar: "Where am I? And who am I?"
    Fufur: "Well, it doesn't really matter as long as I am loved wherever I go!"
  • Zepar:"And what did Kinzo say?"
    Furfur: "Oh, we all know what he said!"
    Zepar and Furfur: "OH, BEATRIIIIICE!!"

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